A Sunset

As the sun
begins to slump
beneath the water line,
an amber glow ignites
the evening sea.
An azure ocean
engulfs the universe
as far as eyes can see,
drowning nagging thoughts
in a calm, clear blanket.
Dolphin fins pass miles away,
but to us
it’s no further
than a stone’s throw
from where we float.
Surfers tilt and turn and twirl
in our eyes’ borders
in our moment,
we are alone.
Timid waves lift and dip
our entangled limbs as I
cling to you
the tips of my toes
brushing the sand.
We rise and fall
as the tide escapes
into the night
as the sun drifts away
Your iron grip of my waist
holds me
in concrete safety
as the waves become aggressive,
slapping me to the shore.
Enraptured by giggles as
we try and try to cling to
each other
and our sunglasses.
We have escaped,
we are free of time,
we are weightless,
our anxieties snatched wave
after wave.
There’s salt on your lips
and sand on your lashes
but I can’t bring myself
to tell you
because I won’t tarnish
a moment so beautiful.

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