No Blueberries

Burrowed beneathsoft faded sheetstunnellingfrom the morning lightyearning to stayprotected bythe night’s blanketthieving your warmthborrowing your right arm. A bowl of fruit:Chopped apple,banana,peaches,mango,strawberries,raspberries,(no blueberries),as fruit salad should becoaxes me awake.I’m not hungryI don’t want to moveI don’t want to beassaultedby a sunrisebut how can I turn downa bowl of fruitwhen you rememberedno blueberries? An Americano:Four shotsContinue reading “No Blueberries”

Living by Numbers

Her reflection presents itselfapologetically, pulsingwith shame.She sees swollensquishy cheeks,bloated thighsand flabswallowing herself.She turns to the side,sucking in the organsslouched behind her skin,wishing them smallerand smaller –to disappear.Her gut’s protrusionsickens her,as she stifles agag at the sight.Disgusting.She slicesthe lettuce’s headinto identical shreds,envisioning hackingthe flaboff of her bodywith each strokeof her knife.One two three four five sixContinue reading “Living by Numbers”

A Sunset

As the sunbegins to slumpbeneath the water line,an amber glow ignitesthe evening sea.An azure oceanengulfs the universeas far as eyes can see,drowning nagging thoughtsin a calm, clear blanket.Dolphin fins pass miles away,but to usit’s no furtherthan a stone’s throwfrom where we float.Surfers tilt and turn and twirlin our eyes’ bordersbutin our moment,we are alone.Timid wavesContinue reading “A Sunset”


The morning’s glow blossomspeering through the blindsto nudge you into today,asking youto thrive.The blissful mumblingsof the little dog snuggled with you,falling on to your laprequesting a cuddlebefore the day can begin,infusing your morning with adorationin return for attention.A whiff of coffeelights up the room,lifting your mind from sleepto life.The buds of the plant you keepContinue reading “Today”

Picture This

Picture this.We’re lying downat the beachour backs on the sandour fingers intertwined.You’re complaining about the sandand I’m complaining about your complainingand I flick sand at youand you pretend to be angryfor a minuteish.We’re gigglingand flicking sandand holding handsand understandingthat feeling people talk aboutand the world stopsthe sun steps outgiving us privacy.The moon peeks inthrough theContinue reading “Picture This”

Head of Poetry

Hi, I’m Dasha and I’m the Head of Poetry for Wordsmith Library! I am a recent English Literature graduate, so of course I love to read! Usually, I am a sucker for romance novels and short poems. I love being part of such an inclusive publication that allows pure creative freedom. I always expect toContinue reading “Head of Poetry”

Deputy of Prose

Hi! My name is Ileana and I am the Deputy of Prose at Wordsmith Library. When I’m not editing your pieces, I’m studying for my English degree at Durham University, tutoring GCSE and A-Level students and being a part-time waitress. My clear appreciation for diversity lends into my own self expression – indulging in theContinue reading “Deputy of Prose”

Head of Poetic Prose

My name is Anna and I’m your Head of Poetic Prose! I’ve been at Wordsmith Library for a few months now, and I edit your wonderful writing whilst I study my Communications degree at the University of Leeds! Wordsmith Library has allowed me to develop my love for literature and carry on being creative despiteContinue reading “Head of Poetic Prose”

Head of Prose

Hi there everyone, I’m Will and I’m currently doing a Masters in English Lit following a BA in English and Philosophy. I love all forms of creative writing and speculative fiction and have recently been getting a lot more into different forms of poetry. I enjoy reading a lot of sci-fi and fantasy but willContinue reading “Head of Prose”

Editor in Chief

Hi, my name is Emma and I’m Editor in Chief of Wordsmith Library! I am a University of Leeds graduate with a BA English Literature degree. I launched Wordsmith Library during my final year as I wanted an online space for myself and others publish their creative writing. I created Wordsmith Library to be aContinue reading “Editor in Chief”