We are looking to fill the roles of ‘Deputy of Poetry’, ‘Deputy of Prose’, ‘Head of Poetic Prose’ and ‘Deputy of Poetic Prose’ in our publication, Wordsmith Library. You do not need editorial experience to apply for these positions. We are a creative writing publication and so this is a perfect role for someone with a keen interest in short fiction and contemporary writing. This is an unpaid, voluntary position ideal for building up experience for your CV with flexible hours.

These positions entail:

  • Reading and editing pieces of creative writing (primarily for grammar and formatting issues)
  • Scheduling pieces of writing in accordance with our schedule
  • Communicating with myself and other editors to ensure that the publication is cohesive and well-coordinated 
  • Attending and contributing to monthly meetings

We receive significantly less submissions of poetic prose than prose, so this is definitely a smaller commitment. As an estimate, the ‘Deputy of Poetry’ and ‘Deputy of Prose’ roles require around 2-4 hours per week, whilst ‘Head of Poetic Prose’ and ‘Deputy of Poetic Prose’ require only 1-2. We are very team-oriented and so value individuals with lots of ideas, creativity and enthusiasm to help the continuous shaping and improvement of the Wordsmith Library brand. If you are interested in the role then please email wordsmith.medium@gmail.com 

In your application, please include details about yourself:

  • Why you would like to join Wordsmith Library
  • Which role(s) you would like to be considered for
  • Why you believe that you would be a good fit
  • Any previous experience that you have (it’s ok if you have none)

The deadline to apply for these positions is the 2nd of January 2022.

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